TSK Triple 9 Trauma Kit



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Type de produit: Kits de Traumatologie

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  • The TSK Triple 9 Trauma Kit is designed to be TCCC compliant, and has the ability to address the three leading causes of combat and tactical deaths
  • The TSK Triple 9 waterproof and small enough to carry in the pocket of cargo pants
  • Proven on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, QuikClot products put life-saving technology into the hands of US soldiers to treat hemorrhaging wounds. Originally engineered for military use, QuikClot devices are impregnated with kaolin, an ingredient that stops bleeding fast when applied with pressure.1-5
  • The SWAT-T will treat a variety of injuries, minor to life-threatening. The SWAT-T is being carried by Military (Conventional and Special Operations medical and non-medical personnel), EMS, Law Enforcement Officers, Contractors, Federal Agents, and prepared citizens (individually or as part of active shooter kits). Carried by many as a pressure dressing, all-purpose wrap, primary and/or back-up tourniquet.
  • The 4 inch green Israeli Bandage / Emergency Bandage was developed with the most extreme conditions in mind and is designed to treat a variety of wounds, from minor to life-threatening. The bandages are sterile and non-adherent so they are easily wrapped and secured. They can also act as a tourniquet in cases of severe bleeding. This style of bandage features a pressure bar that allows the bandage to be wrapped around a wound in different directions.