Sac à dos d'urgence





The Emergency Backpack has been designed to provide a person with the fundamental items needed for survival in the case of an emergency.
  • A bug out bag is a portable emergency kit that should last you for 72-hours. They' re also known as 72-hour kits, grab bags or Go Bags.
  • Included with this kit is a large capacity 60L Rucksack, Powerful 12LED Head Torch ( Batteries included ) 18' Survival Machete, Compact survival box ( containing essential survival tools ) Water-proof matches
  • We have created this specific kit to allow the user to add their own specific additional survival items. We would advise adding Food, Water, Shelter, Sleeping bag.
  • In todays uncertain world a Bug Out Bag should be part of any families emergency preparedness equipment


1 x 60L Rucksack ( Black, Olive, BTP, DPM ) 1 x Machete for survival 1 x Folding Shovel 1 x Survival Kit • Waterproof plastic case • Contains: survival whistle, fishing line and hooks, compact candle, hunting wire, fire starter, wire saw, sewing kit, razor blade, survival mirror, pencil, matches, accident evaluation sheet, useful survival instructions 1 x Waterproof Matches • Unique blend of non – toxic chemicals • Formulated to light in wet conditions 1 x 12 ultra-bright LEDs 70 lumen output Provides a wide beam, high intensity light Can provide continuous or flashing light Adjustable head positioning and elasticated straps 3x AAA batteries (included)